2013-2018 Strategic Plan

Our Shared Vision

The Trinity River Authority of Texas is an innovative, adaptive leader, enriching the Trinity basin as a resource for Texans.

The TRA Mission

The Trinity River Authority’s mission is to promote conservation, reclamation, protection and development of the natural resources of the river basin for the benefit of the public. 

Our Core Values

  • Integrity in all things
  • Service and performance excellence
  • Accountability to the public, customers and to each other
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism 

Our Strategic Goals and Objectives

1. Engaged Board of Directors

  • Actively involve Board members
  • Facilitate Board understanding of TRA operations
  • Improve Board information and support

2. Customer Service Excellence

  • Promote financial transparency
  • Maintain technical leadership
  • Partner with customers
  • Accelerate project completion

3. New Business Growth

  • Ensure continuous service quality
  • Expand and diversify services
  • Optimize real estate income opportunities

4. Robust Community Partnerships

  • Raise positive public awareness
  • Support water conservation and education
  • Solidify key stakeholder partnerships

5. Efficient and Effective Operations

  • Strengthen HR support
  • Upgrade financial processes
  • Leverage information technology
  • Improve procurement processes
  • “Faster, better, cheaper” service delivery

6. Human Capital Development

  • Competent, adaptable workforce
  • Orderly management succession
  • Attract, recruit and retain talent

7. Effective Corporate Communication

  • Promote an identifiable brand
  • Build internal awareness
  • Proactively engage the media