Reclaiming Water for a Healthy Environment

CRWS is not only a mammoth collection and water reclamation unit capable of producing a high-quality effluent, but it is also a full-service facility with the in-house capability to accommodate virtually all of its operations, maintenance, administration and technical service needs.  Unique features you will find within CRWS include the following:

  • A fully integrated environmental laboratory that provides complete, round-the-clock analytical capabilities for plant process monitoring and control for liquids and solids operation.  The laboratory is one of the few wastewater treatment plant laboratories to provide Whole Effluent Testing support on-site.
  • A full-service industrial pretreatment division whose services include industrial permitting, inspecting and sampling, which when coupled with the analytical capabilities of the laboratory, provide the CRWS system and its customer cities the ability to monitor compliance with all state and federal pretreatment laws.
  • The capability for in-house collection system monitoring and repair.
  • The largest urban water reclamation and reuse program in Texas, capable of providing 17 MGD of recycled water to the Las Colinas canals, as well as for irrigation of numerous area golf courses.
  • Sludge dewatering using filter and belt presses that produce a dry product, allowing for a full array of disposal options.
  • An innovative odor-control program involving the collection, chemical stabilization, transportation and introduction of odorous gases into either the bioscrubbers or biofilters for biological treatment.
  • A full metering division that provides installation, calibration, repair, reading and replacement of more than 130 permanent flow-monitoring meters.
  • One of the few treatment facilities with on-site biomonitoring that provides a broad range of toxicity-testing capabilities.