Maps & Data

Watershed Maps

   Watershed Boundary                     

   2013 NCTCOG Land Use  2016 NLCD Land Cover 


Google Earth KML Files

If you have Google Earth on your computer, you can download these KML files and take a tour of

the watershed.  


Coming Soon 



Water Quality Monitoring Data

Check here for the latest water quality monitoring data updates for the project.



USGS National Water Information System



  View rainfall and flow data by

  selecting a station on the map 


View daily data for the Mountain Creek gage

View daily data for the Walnut Creek gage 


TCEQ Surface Water Quality Data Viewers



  View water quality data by View TCEQ assessment units

  selecting a station on the map and 303(d) impaired water bodies 


Tutorial for viewing TCEQ water quality data in Excel