Huntsville Regional Water Supply System

The Huntsville Regional Water Supply System provides service for a population of nearly 43,000 — 38,000 in Huntsville and 2,500 each at the Ellis and Estelle Texas Department of Criminal Justice prison units.  TRA provides raw water for this project through a withdrawal facility located in the headwaters of Lake Livingston. The raw water is processed and then pumped to ground storage facilities in Huntsville, as well as to the Ellis and Estelle Units of the TDCJ near Riverside.  Additionally, an average of 4.0 MGD of clarified water is provided to the Tenaska Power Plant for cooling and process water.

Construction to increase the system's firm capacity to 12.0 MGD and to improve plant processes is currently under way, beginning with the addition of a raw-water pump and a larger diameter pipe for a portion of the raw water pipeline. Four new granular activated carbon filters will be constructed, in addition to a 1.2-million-gallon clearwell and baffling of the existing clearwell. In addition, four new energy-efficient, high-service pumps, two new backwash pumps, new chemical feed improvements and new electrical feed and distribution systems will be added.



Trinity River Authority of Texas
Huntsville Regional Water Supply System
188 Wallace Rd
Huntsville, Texas 77320