Trinity County Regional Water Supply System

Since 1980, the Trinity County Regional Water Supply System has provided up to 1 million gallons per day of drinking water to Trinity and Groveton, the Westwood Shores Municipal Utility District and the Glendale, Riverside and Trinity Rural Water Supply corporations. This innovative project draws raw water from Lake Livingston through 18 shallow wells placed in existing sand and gravel deposits on the Trinity County shoreline. The deposits act as filters and reduce ultimate treatment costs. The water undergoes additional filtration and disinfection at the system plant before distribution through 42 miles of pipeline to customer storage facilities.

During fiscal year 2010, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality reclassified the TCRWSS well field as a system that produces groundwater that is under the influence of surface water.  The reclassification requires additional water quality testing and reporting, and may eventually result in changes to the treatment process.



Trinity River Authority of Texas
Trinity County Regional Water Supply System
Hwy. 19 & Bell Ranch Rd., Trinity, Texas 75862