Point of Interest
The segment of the Trinity River between Lake Ray Roberts and Lake Lewisville is well known as an excellent location for canoeing.

Basin-Wide Fixed Monitoring

This long-term, routine monitoring is necessary to provide an overview of the entire watershed and to identify trends.  It is the basis for deciding where intensive studies or regulatory actions are necessary.  In the Trinity basin, several local entities have conducted fixed-monitoring programs for years.  Each one is concentrated in an area for which the entity has some direct responsibility, such as the watershed of a water supply lake or the city limits of a city.  These programs have each been initiated, funded and operated by the separate entities for their own purposes, but together they cover most of the Trinity River basin.  The CRP works with each "Within-Basin Participating Agency" to document its quality assurance program and to include the data produced in one quality-assured database.  To view the current monitoring schedule, click here.