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inTRA, TRA's newsletter, includes news items and articles about TRA's projects and personnel, the water and wastewater industry and the Trinity River. inTRA is published four times a year by TRA's Communications Division for TRA's valued employees, directors, consultants, and other interested individuals. To submit information for publication, call 817-467-4343, or email us.

Read the Spring 2017 issue of inTRA here.
Spring 2017 InTRA

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Public Information Requests
TRA is subject to the Texas Public Information Act, Texas Government Code, Chapter 552.

All requests for public information should be submitted to the TRA Staff Attorney, and must specify records or information already in existence and in possession of TRA.  The TPIA does not require TRA to create new information, to perform legal research or to answer questions.  Formal requests may be submitted in any of the following ways:

 Mail  Fax   In Person
Trinity River Authority     
Attn: Staff Attorney
P.O. Box 60
Arlington, TX 76004


   Trinity River Authority
   General Office 
   5300 S. Collins St.
   Arlington, TX 76018

TRA will promptly release requested information that is not considered confidential by law.  For any items that TRA deems it necessary to withhold, it will request a ruling from the office of the Texas Attorney General.  All requests for public information must be submitted in writing.