Diversity and Inclusion

A Note from the General Manager, J. Kevin Ward
The Trinity River Authority is able to provide exceptional service to our customers due to the dedication of our staff members. The Authority's success rests in the hands of our staff, making employees our most valuable asset. Therefore, we are committed to sustaining and enhancing an environment that fosters diversity and inclusion. Individuals with various backgrounds, skills and experiences make up the fabric of TRA and create a workplace that encourages efficiency and innovation. Diversity and inclusion are at the core of our mission, vision and values. Differences among our employees reflect the various communities we serve, allowing us to better identify and meet their needs. We will continually work to attract and retain candidates who possess unique talents, knowledge and perspectives.

We want all employees to feel they are respected, heard and provided equal opportunities. As a result, we encourage employees who believe they are being harassed, discriminated against, bullied or excluded to report the conduct to their manager or human resources. We acknowledge that diversity and inclusion is more than a commitment, it is an action. Our goal is to ensure every employee feels they have fair and equal opportunities allowing for both personal and professional growth. We will continue to improve the Authority by recognizing our similarities while valuing our differences to achieve the common goal of enriching the basin as a resource for Texans.

Our reason for a Diversity and Inclusion Plan

To instill diversity and inclusion, vision and values into all of TRA's processes so that it is embedded in our culture.

Our ideal future state

A respectful, diverse and inclusive culture where all employees' talents and abilities are leveraged to foster a work environment of excellence and innovation, building upon TRA's strong reputation.

We value diversity and inclusion by:

  • Accepting, respecting and leveraging the diverse talents of all our employees
  • Encouraging a diverse talent pool of applicants
  • Fostering a harassment/discrimination-free culture