General Office

TRA's general office, located at 5300 S. Collins in Arlington, houses the general manager and his immediate staff, along with six of TRA's seven staff groups. Northern Region management, financial services, legal services, general services, executive services and construction management services all call the general office their home.

The general office staff includes the following:

General Manager - The general manager serves as the chief executive officer of TRA, tasked with implementing board policy.  Six executive managers, including the leaders of TRA's two geographic regions, report to the general manager.  All other management levels exist to support the board of directors, the general manager, and the Northern and Southern Region offices in pursuit of their responsibilities.

Northern Region - Responsible for the development of revenue-oriented projects in the northern portion of TRA's service area, the operation and maintenance of existing facilities, the sale of water from existing reservoirs, and acting as liaison between TRA and its customers and/or the federal government.

Financial Services - Responsible for the performance of financial services to all components of TRA's management organization.

Legal Services - Responsible for providing legal support within the management organization, including land rights issues.

General Services - Responsible for managing personnel, risk management, safety and office administration.

Executive Services - Responsible for disbursing TRA funds, acting as liaison with federal and state agencies, administering public information and overseeing environmental management.

Construction Management Services - Responsible for construction-related support activities including review of plans and specifications, bids, contract administration and acting as liaison with land rights staff and regional offices.

Trinity River Authority of Texas
General Office
5300 S. Collins, Arlington, Texas  76018
817-467-4343 or 877-872-4343