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More than 3,700 named streams and rivers flow across more than 80,000 miles of the Texas landscape.

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The weather in Texas can go from sunny to cloudy to stormy. When bad weather brings flooding to an area, TRA recommends that safety stay at the top of the list; People should follow the information distributed by the emergency management office and other related officials in their area for road conditions, closures, etc.

Flood Planning
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About Lake Livingston Dam Operations

Gate operations at the dam are designed to maintain an elevation of 131.00 feet above mean sea level (MSL) at the dam when flood conditions are not occurring.

The Gate Operating Procedures for the Livingston Dam were developed by hydrological engineers to maintain appropriate control over the reservoir levels and the downstream releases. These procedures were developed when the reservoir was put into operation and then were reexamined after 20 years of experience to modify or “tweak” the original procedures, if needed. Adherence to the procedures set forth ensure maintaining reservoir levels within the acceptable storage range during the passage of floods, thereby reducing the likelihood of flood damage around the reservoir while at the same time avoiding excessive or premature downstream releases that could result in flood damages below the dam. These procedures, submitted to the Texas Dam Safety Division of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality stipulate precise processes that are followed without variance throughout the duration of high-water situations such as the flood events. It should be clarified that Lake Livingston was constructed as a water supply reservoir designed to stay full as opposed to flood-control reservoirs operated by the Corps of Engineers, which are designed to stay at low levels and then fill to lessen the impact of high flows.

The flowage easement that TRA owns around Lake Livingston allows TRA to pass flood waters according to our procedure without having to maintain an elevation of exactly 131.00 MSL. The flowage easement reaches up to an elevation of 135 feet above MSL on the southern end and 140 feet above MSL on the northern end.

People can stay up-to-speed on discharges from Lake Livingston Dam and the level of the lake by following us on Twitter — @LivingstonDam.


TRA Flood Assessment Tool for reporting floods in the Trinity River Basin

Trinity Regional Flood Planning Group: https://trinityrfpg.org/

Texas Flood: https://www.texasflood.org/