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Joe Pool Lake

Joe Pool Lake and its associated park facilities are a popular recreational destination for many Dallas-Fort Worth residents. Water from Joe Pool Lake is currently withdrawn by the City of Midlothian as part of its municipal water supply. This water withdrawal is occasionally used to supply the communities of Venus, Rockett, Mountain Peak, Sardis, and parts of southern Grand Prairie during times of peak demand. In addition to this existing use, Joe Pool Lake is expected to be further developed by the cities of Cedar Hill, Duncanville, and Grand Prairie for their own municipal use. 

This project will perform the watershed characterization and stakeholder group development components required to develop a WPP which will meet EPA’s nine key elements for watershed-based plans as provided in the EPA’s 2014 guidelines. The data collected in this phase of the project will ensure that the WPP provides quantified objectives for water quality improvement through identified and prioritized watershed management strategies. 

To prepare for the watershed planning process, expansion and enhancement of the existing stakeholder group will be necessary. The Performing Party will coordinate with the stakeholder group to identify roles for various levels of involvement, define an organizational structure, and outline a plan for how and when the various stakeholder subgroups will be deployed or engaged. 

Routine bi-monthly monitoring and flow-weighted monitoring will be conducted at 14 sites to provide spatial coverage of the watershed under ambient conditions. Additional sites will be sampled to include ephemeral contributions during high flow conditions. 

The Performing Party will aggregate the information obtained through past projects within the watershed with new data to support the creation of a holistic management plan for the Joe Pool Lake watershed.

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