Water Treatment

How many water treatment facilities does TRA operate?
TRA owns and operates four water treatment facilities.
Who does TRA supply drinking water to?
TRA serves 300,000 customers in 13 cities.
What is TRA's source of water?
Tarrant County Water Supply Project purchases raw water from Tarrant Regional Water District and pumps raw water from Lake Arlington while the Huntsville, Trinity County and Livingston Water Supply Systems receive raw water from Lake Livingston.
Where can I find water quality information?
Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) are provided annually by your water supplier. Find your local CCR here:
What can I do to help?
Water conservation and pollution prevention are key to protecting our water supplies. Conservation and pollution prevention best practices are recommended at all times to help protect our precious resources for future generations.

Wastewater Treatment

What is wastewater?
Wastewater is the used, contaminated water that flows from home and business drains such as toilets, sinks, showers, washing machines and dishwashers.
How many wastewater facilities does TRA operate?
TRA owns and operates five wastewater facilities.
Who are TRA's wastewater customers?
TRA wastewater customers include 47 customer cities, serving a population of more than 1.5 million.
What can I do to help?
The most proactive way to help is to protect your pipes. Disposing of common household items properly protects your pipes, ours and the environment. Learn how to defend your drains here:


What recreation facilities does TRA operate?
TRA owns and operates Wolf Creek Park located on Lake Livingston in Coldspring, Texas. Wolf Creek Park is a lakeside park equipped with campsites, RV spots, a marina, miniature golf course, playground, kayak, paddleboat and canoe rentals, boat ramps, fishing pier and fish-cleaning stations.
Is Wolf Creek Park open year-round?
Wolf Creek Park is open from March 1 through Nov. 30.
How do I make reservations?
Reservations can be made by calling the Wolf Creek Park office or through our reservation portal online found here:
Where can I find more information related to Wolf Creek Park?
For additional information, follow the Wolf Creek Park Facebook page, www.facebook.com/TRAWolfCreekPark


What reservoirs does TRA own and operate?
TRA owns and operates Lake Livingston, the largest single-purpose lake in Texas -- 83,000 acres, 55 miles long with more than 455 miles of shoreline. The lake was funded, built and operated by TRA under the terms of a 1964 contract with the city of Houston. It was filled in 1971.
Where can I find lake level and dam discharge rates?
Up-to-date information regarding lake level information, dam discharge rates, rainfall and more can be found here:
Where does TRA have water rights?
TRA owns water rights in Lake Livingston, with 70 percent belonging to the city of Houston and 30 percent belonging to TRA, Bardwell lake, Joe Pool Lake and Navarro Mills Lake.