Press Release

Students say No More Wipes in the Pipes
And their artwork shows it

Arlington, Texas – The Trinity River Authority of Texas’ 7th annual art contest winners were recognized during a virtual event. Students created original artwork that represented the theme “Save Your Pipes, Don’t Flush Wipes.” The winners’ artwork depicted the importance of protecting our water supplies from wipes, paper towels, and other pollutants. More than 500 entries were received from first through eighth-grade students who live within the Trinity River basin.

The winners shared comments about what they learned. Our grand-prize winner, Yael Hurtado noted he wanted to illustrate that a toilet was sad because wipes were flushed, which clogged the pipes and flooded the toilet. Other winners expressed that the contest was a reminder of how you should never flush wipes because they are bad for the pipes, the environment, and the wastewater facilities.

A winner from each grade level was selected with an overall grand-prize winner selected from among the winning entries. Each winner received a certificate, a calendar, and notecards featuring their winning artwork, along with an apron and colored pencils. Additionally, the grand-prize winner received an Amazon tablet. The winners including their grade, school, and the teacher are:

Latish Palli – 1st Grade, Canyon Ranch Elementary; Courtney Trauba

Yael Hurtado – 2nd Grade, Travis World Language Academy; Johnna Palmatier

Jonathan Milian – 3rd Grade, Adams Elementary; Manuel Garcia

Lilyanna Ramos – 4th Grade, Mosely Elementary; Elvia Vigil

Aurora M. Jeah – 4th Grade, Travis World Language Academy; Johnna Palmatier

Kelly Nguyen – 5th Grade, Frank Guzick Elementary; Brandy Verseckes

Satvik Devatha – 6th Grade, Coppell Middle School West; Catherine Schaefer

Rachel Harder – 7th Grade, Azle Junior High; Karen Romo

Snitika Jami – 8th Grade, Coppell Middle School West; Gail Cary

The winner’s artwork is featured here. Click here for more information about TRA’s annual art contest.