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Lake Livingston is 55 miles long from its headwaters to the dam, with 455 miles of shoreline extending into San Jacinto, Polk, Walker and Trinity counties.

Huntsville Regional Water Supply System

HRWSS Plant 2004 (9)_smThe Huntsville Regional Water Supply System provides service for a population of approximately 47,800. TRA provides raw water for this project through a withdrawal facility located in the headwaters of Lake Livingston. The raw water is processed and then pumped to ground storage facilities in Huntsville, as well as to the Ellis and Estelle Units of the TDCJ near Riverside. Additionally, an average of 3.2 million gallons per day of clarified water is provided to the Tenaska Power Plant for cooling and process water.


In 2016, an expansion at the plant was completed, which included the construction of raw-water pump station improvements, approximately 2,000 feet of a new 36-inch diameter raw-water pipeline, new denitrifying filters for nitrate removal, chemical feed systems, high-service pumps, electrical service, and clear-well storage at the treatment plant site.

HRWSS Numbers FY2024


  • Huntsville 
                - Ellis Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice 
                - Estelle Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice 
                - Tenaska Frontier Partners Power Plant 

                             Dash denotes city of Huntsville customers 


Trinity River Authority of Texas
Huntsville Regional Water Supply System
188 Wallace Rd., Huntsville, Texas 77320