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ROCRWS received the Platinum 11 Award from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies for 11 years of 100-percent compliance with the system’s permit limits.

Trinity County Regional Water Supply System

The Trinity County Regional Water Supply System provides drinking water to the city of Trinity. In early 2021, a new contract was negotiated, and the city of Trinity became the sole contracting customer of the system.

This innovative project draws raw water from Lake Livingston through 18 shallow wells placed in existing sand and gravel deposits on the Trinity County shoreline. The deposits act as filters and reduce the ultimate treatment costs. The water undergoes additional filtration and disinfection at the plant before distribution to the customer's storage facilities.

TCRWSS Numbers FY2024


  • Trinity 

                 - Glendale Water Supply Corp.                             

                             Dash denotes city of Trinity customer

Trinity River Authority of Texas

Trinity County Regional Water Supply System
Hwy. 19 & Bell Ranch Rd., Trinity, Texas 75862