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The Trinity River Authority of Texas is a conservation and reclamation district providing water and wastewater treatment, along with recreation and reservoir facilities, for municipalities within the nearly 18,000-square-mile Trinity River basin.  TRA also maintains a master plan for basin-wide development, and serves as a conduit for tax-exempt financing for municipal projects and as a local sponsor for federal water projects.  Each TRA operating project is an independent financial entity, and TRA receives no tax revenues or appropriations.

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BIG SPRING (AP) — A boil drinking water order has been lifted for two West Texas communities after problems with a pump were corrected and supplies were tested.

Rio Grande City leaders are reassuring residents after the Texas Tribune released a series called “Undrinkable" highlighting water issues across the state. 

"Undrinkable" called attention to the quality of drinking water in border cities, including Rio Grande City.

“The title, ‘Undrinkable’ doesn't mean that the water we have is undrinkable," explained mayor Ruben Villarreal. "In Rio Grande City, our water system is sound."


FORT WORTH, Texas - Getting to know how things work from the inside is what the four-week D.C. module is all about for members of the 2015 Planning Associates Class at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.