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The Trinity River Authority of Texas is a conservation and reclamation district providing water and wastewater treatment, along with recreation and reservoir facilities, for municipalities within the nearly 18,000-square-mile Trinity River basin.  TRA also maintains a master plan for basin-wide development, and serves as a conduit for tax-exempt financing for municipal projects and as a local sponsor for federal water projects.  Each TRA operating project is an independent financial entity, and TRA receives no tax revenues or appropriations.

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We have been receiving a lot of emails about our phone line being busy or not working or off the hook. Trust me when I say the phone is working and yes it does stay busy booking reservations. What you can do to help when you call the office to book a site.
1.) Give us the month and days you would like to book.
2.) A deposit is required, have your card ready when you call.
3.) Have an alternate plan if the site you would like is not available for the timeframe that you would like.
4.) Accept the fact that we are telling the truth when we say that the site you would like is not available.

Also, please call or go on-line to check the following:
Check TP&WD for fishing reports.
Check the website for information on how much water is being released down stream.

On a positive note...You can go on-line and book by type of site. The four types of sites we offer are:
Full Hookup, Full Hookup Waterfront, Tent and Tent Waterfront.

In addition, we are looking to add a module to our reservation software that will allow you to book by SPECIFIC site. We will upload the park map and you will be able to go to a specific area, specific site and if the site on the map is GREEN, book it. If the site is RED it is NOT available.


The Trinity River Authority of Texas (TRA)
TRA is a conservation & reclamation district providing water & wastewater treatment, along with recreation & reservoir facilities near Trinity River basin.

TRA Wolf Creek Park Facebook
Two weeks from today, Friday February 28th, we will be open for business. We have all been very busy, field and office employees, getting the park ready for opening day. We look forward to having our regular guest back for the 2014 camping season as well as any new visitors to the park. Remember we will begin selling our Annual Passes opening day. We have 250 passes and they are sold on a first come first served bases. No passes will be held for future pickup unless thay have been paid for ahead of time. PS: We do have a new reservations system and are working through a few issues, such as the on-line piece of the upgrade not being enable as of yet, so our first guest to the park will be the first time we will be doing a check-in with the new system. Please have patience with us as we get more comfortable with the new software...See Ya Soon!

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Thought you might enjoy these photos of Wolf Creek Park. We don't get to enjoy this view very often!

January 2014 Snow
Thought you might enjoy these photos of Wolf Creek Park. We don't get to enjoy this view very often!

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Are you looking for something fun to do tonight. Head out to the Panther Island Pavilion in Fort Worth for Rockin' the River - a weekly concert and float series throughout the summer on the Trinity River. To see a lineup of bands playing this summer go to

Live music on the banks of the Trinity River in Fort Worth
Its another summer of free concerts. Come beat the heat and tube the Trinity River in Fort Worth every Thursday, or pull up a blanket on the shore... Either way, its the coolest seat in town.

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Now that the summer is here, it's perfect weather for boating. However, Zebra Mussels have been found in several North Texas lakes. New regulations require all boaters to drain their boats after use to prevent their spread. Read more at CLEAN, DRAIN, AND DRY YOUR BOATS.

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procedures for preventing aquatic hitchhikers

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If you're in DFW, share with your friends! Register at to learn about water conservation practices, equipment and the latest technology.

Princeton grad student Michael Thomas uses an intricate system of polyurethane mesh nets to capture moisture from the air.

Click here for an interactive map of reservoir and surface water conditions in many Texas counties.